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World ID

Prove a human is doing an action only once without revealing any personal data

Prove unique-humaness

Prevent spam, bots, abuse and sybil attacks. Verify a unique human is performing an action only once.

Completely private

Personhood verification through the Orb can be completely private (zero PII). Further protected with ZKPs, it's impossible to know which actions an identity has performed.

Easy to integrate

Just a few lines of code and World ID protection can be added to any project. Both on-chain and off-chain.

Use cases

Democratic voting

On-chain voting, ensure 1 person = 1 vote


A person receives an airdrop only once (goodbye bots)

Quadratic funding

Fund projects based on the number of supporters

Person-bound NFTs

On-chain credentials, achievements, ... NFTs that always belong to the same human