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Hackathons & workshops

We are actively sponsoring hackathons to help developers get started with World ID. We'll also try to have a presence in those events (at least the ones IRL) so you can test the orb sign up experience if there are no Worldcoin orbs in your country. You can check out the events we're and will be participating at here.

Upcoming & current events

ETH Mexico 2022​

ETH Mexico City logo

From August 19 to August 21, 2002 at PRIM in Mexico City. 🤑 $20,000 in Worldcoin prizes are up for grabs. Visit the official website to apply to hack. We will also host Worldcoin Café, a meetup, and much more! More details here.


Visit our Event page to get details on workshops, meetups, prizes, ... Best place to get started!

Past events

ETHNewYork 2022​

ETHNewYork logo

From June 24 to June 26, 2002 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC. 🤑 $20,000 in prizes were up for grabs. Organized by ETH Global, visit the official website.

You can check out all the projects that built on top of World ID and the winners here.

HackMoney 2022​

HackMoney logo

From May 6 to May 27, organized by ETH Global. Visit the official website.

We were sponsors of this online Hackathon, where developers built the very first dapps with World ID. Some of these projects are showcased in our Examples section. You can check out all the winners here.

ETHAmsterdam 2022​

ETHAmsterdam logo

From April 22 to April 24, organized by ETH Global. Visit the official website.

  • Decentralized Identity Panel (April 23)
  • Proof of Personhood Workshop (April 23)
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