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This section contains full end-to-end examples of smart contracts, dapps, Cloud apps and serverless apps for World ID.


If you're looking for an easy way to start, check out our Quick start guide. If you want to build a web3 on-chain application check out our starter kit.

Mesha Airdrop

Sample airdrop app. Let users claim a free ERC-20 token airdrop but only once per person. Test and deployment instructions can be found in the Readme of each repository.

Mesha Airdrop Render
DemoSmart contract sourcedapp source
Deployed smart contract (Mumbai Testnet)

Discord Bot

Serverless Discord Bot that uses World ID to verify humans. Verified humans get a special role assigned which can then be used to manage special permissions.

Discord Bot screenshot
Landing page (coming soon)Source code


#petorbz is a project where users can adopt a plush orb and they get an NFT as a certificate of adoption. A single person can only claim their pet orb once.


Great example of how to issue NFTs where a single person can only claim it once!

#petorbz screenshot
DemoSource code
Deployed smart contract (Polygon) - 🚀 Production


A universal airdrop for humans only, every month. Distribute ERC-20 tokens evenly among humans.

Demo (coming soon)Smart contract source

Showcase your own example! Open a PR on this repo and add your own example.